People often come to us with a dream or vision of what that want, and it is our job to produce that dream in metal. Get in touch with us to start the process.

Design and Estimation

It’s all in the details. The more details you provide us upfront, the more efficient we can be with our time, and therefore, your budget. This includes a clear budget, site dimensions, drawings, photos, and anything else the client can provide. Alternatively, we can participate in design meetings, production of AutoCAD shop drawings, and communication with all necessary parties. Both design methods will be billed at our standard billing rate. Please understand that all requests of our company that require our time invoke associated costs. 

The detailed designs provide a basis for very accurate time and cost estimates so that we can deliver architectural metalworks that meet or exceed your expectations. 


Scheduling is by far the most difficult factor in producing any project. If a project has completed details, the time in fabrication can be quite approximate. Yet, the time it will take to begin production will be difficult to determine until an initial deposit is received.


Installation is a critical point in all projects. When necessary, we offer onsite welding, which allows for a seamless installation. Alternatively, pickup and delivery options are available.